Something to help flesh out your “Death Box.”

“The Curious Questionnaire”


“Things the descendants of your descendants will get a kick out of knowing about you.”


“You can never be too early in preparing for your inevitable death, only too late.”

– Otis Porkmeyer


A “Death Box” is a container you fill with things that you want others to find after you cross over. This can include things such as notes to loved ones, written legacies or treasure maps(!) In order to help those who will be here long after both of us have crossed over to better understand you, you also may want to add your answers to a curious questionnaire such as the one which follow.

I. List three favorite

  1. Social media platforms.

  2. Web sites you keep an eye on.

  3. Books or magazines.

  4. Movies of all time.

  5. Favorite Childhood movies.

  6. Favorite Television shows.

  7. Songs of your young adulthood.

  8. Songs of all time.

II.List three favorite

  1. Philosophers or religious teachers.

  2. Politicians or activists.

  3. Musical acts.

  4. Male musicians.

  5. Female musicians.

  6. Male actors.

  7. Female actors.

  8. Concerts, plays or shows.

III. Describe three special

  1. Places you’ve lived.

  2. Places you’d still like to visit or revisit.

  3. Places in your life you’d describe as “magical”.

  4. Childhood toys.

  5. Pets of all time.

  6. Things – three of the most beautiful things you’ve seen.

  7. Things which you’re enormously grateful for. Right now.

  8. Personal spiritual experiences you’ve had so far.

IV. Name three

  1. Favorite holiday memories.

  2. Favorite jobs or positions.

  3. Positive elders you had around in your younger life.

  4. Special sidekicks from your past.

  5. Special friends.

  6. Favorite teachers.

  7. Historical events which blew your mind at the time.

  8. First presidents you can remember.

V. List three

  1. Fun things you haven’t done yet

  2. Serious things you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

  3. Things which you’ve wanted to do for someone else.

  4. Three things you’ve always wanted to do for the community as a whole.

  5. Three people you regret not reconnecting with.

  6. Pieces of great advice you’ve gathered so far.

  7. Favorite dates with special people..

  8. Unrequited young-hood crushes.

VI. List three

  1. Positive things which describe you, in your eyes.

  2. Things you’ve accomplished which have benefited others

  3. Major obstacles you’ve successfully overcome

  4. Things you love about the life you’ve lived thus far

  5. Inexplicable beneficial events which occurred at just the right time in your life (miracles.)

  6. Physical attributes you possess that you admire (at any time in your life.)

  7. Special talents you possess, unknown to many.

  8. Miscellaneous things you just love about yourself.


“Dear you,

I never told you this enough when I was here, but I really, really love you. 


Love and rockets, Rage.”


[Image: “the Death Project,” by Alyssa Joy Bartlett, 2018]

For more on “Death Boxes,” and the pitfalls of being unprepared for the inevitable, read my full article, “Prepare to Die; the Other Bucket List.” in January 2019’s issue of the Bollard (at


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