Welcome to Rage World

Brought to you by The Holistic Recovery Project, Inc.

This blog once served as the only connection between the Holistic Recovery Project, Inc and one of its most prominent members, Robin Rage,while he was incarcerated at in Windham Prison, serving time for his fourth and fifth convictions for driving while drunk.  Rage’s Blog, as well as the other blogs, were the brainchild of Lyssarian Joy (Director of Information Technology) and was originally presented as “a portal into Rage’s mind and a guiding light for lost Holistic members. If you’re a true follower, you’ll know his true name.” If you start reading from the beginning, you’ll certainly be given a portal into Windham Prison.

“At least in Windham, inside, you always had hope.” – Santos

Today, Robin Rage is free, a published author, true believer, streetnik, mad-musician-poet-warlord, (a wee bit mental,) a resident of Portland, Maine and, as the sole surviving member of the original founding triumvirate (Rage, Thorn, Truedogg)  Executive Director of the Holistic Recovery Project, Southern Tribe.  Still, the views expressed in this blog are Rage’s views and may not represent the views of the Holistic Recovery Project as a whole.

“Put one foot in front of the other and do what you have to do, but leave the results up to the Source.  Try to do the right thing, even if you don’t always succeed.  And most importantly,  never, ever, ever give up, really.  You’ve always been worthy.”